Incl. songs about the crash, the 3 Stars


and songs mentioning the 3 Stars


 or dedicated to the 3 Stars. 

"Fifty Years Ago"


Alan G. Clark (Last Gasp Records) 2009




"Fifty Years Later"


Trade Martin




"Forever 22"


The Picks

"Forget Buddy Holly?"


Skidmark Band




"Girls, Girls, Girls"


Steve Lawrence  (mentioning "Donna" and "PEGGY SUE"), 1960




"Ghost Of Buddy Holly"


Ken Lang




"Gold Records In The Snow"


Bennie Barnes



"Gone too soon"


Chuck Travis and The Do Wa Wa



"Goodbye And Thanks Buddy Holly"






"Goodnight Rock & Roll"


Tom Edwards




"Gunfight At Carnegie Hall – incl. medley & tribute"


Phil Ochs




"Hail Hail Rock 'n' Roll" 


Garland Jeffreys




"Hard Luck Ace"


Lacy J. Dalton




"Hear The Beatles Tell All" (Interviews)


John Lennon (and the story how The Beatles they got their name)




"Heaven Of The Stars"


Bob Eubanks




"Hey Buddy"


Imitation Life


John Mueller and the Winter Dance Party Band



"Hey Buddy Can You Spare A Song"


George Oblin




Mike Berry




"Hollywood Party"


Dick Bush




"Homage Ritchie Valens"


Happy Apple




"Hooked On Buddy"


Graham Nash




"Hooked On Music"


Mac Davis




"Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul"


Rocky Horror Show Soundtrack




"I Could Have Been Buddy Holly"


Iain Sutherland




"I'll Be Alright"


Angelic Gospel Singers

( This was played at Buddy's funeral, as it was his favorite gospel song )




"I'm Gonna Sing A Buddy Holly Song For You" 


P. M. Adamson


"In de tjd van de Rock 'n' Roll"


John Spencer (from Holland)




"I Feel Like Buddy Holly"


Alvin Stardust


Bill Coleman




Mike Batt




"I Named My Little Girl Holly"


Buddy Knox


Mike Berry


Lee Jackson




"In Memory Of Buddy Holly" (instr.)


Rick Layne/Lee York




"I Miss Buddy Holly"


Dinner Nanny

"I remember Buddy"


The Graduates




"I Remember Rock & Roll"


Joey Weltz




"I Smell You"


Blowfly (0:37) (Oldies But Goodies - Weird World 1976)




"I still love you Peggy Sue"


Jerry Naylor, 2013

"It Coulda Been Buddy Holly"


Iain Sutherland




"I Took A Liking To You"


Ray Ruff




"It's Just That You Are In Love"


Peter Quentin




"It's Only A Song Peggy Sue"


Alvin Stardust




"I Was Hooked"


Dave Slater, 2008




"I Won't Forget My Peggy Sue"


Marc Bellin




"Jesus Christ"


Tom Paxton




"Joe Meek warns Buddy Holly"


Thomas Truax




"Juke Box, Jeans, Rock 'n' Roll"


Ted Herold (from Germany)




"Just Another Rumor"


Colin Cook




"Keep on shining on" 


Peter Carroll




"Leave It In The Hands Of Fate"


Andy Wilkinson ( dedicated to the pilot Roger Peterson )




"Letter To Donna"






"Like He's Never Been Gone"


Tadhg Horan




"Listening To The Words Of Love"


Kevin O'Carroll




"Looking for the HI-DE-HO"


Tinker Carlen (Carlin)




"Lost without you" 


Donna Ludwig




"Love Is A Mystery" 


Richard Garlick and Ian Hammond 




"Lubbock (Whoever Heard Of A Place Called?)" 


Mike Berry, Apple's iTunes Store, 3-10-2011




"Lubbock Calling"


Terry Clarke




"Lubbock or leave it" 


The Dixie Chicks




"Lubbock Tornado"


Terry Allen




"Maria Elena" (Music & lyrics, different to the next song with the same name)


Johnny Rogers




"Maria Elena"


The Smithereens


Harold Bradley

"Memories Of Buddy Holly"


Bob McCloud Thomas






Tom Russell (Mentioning "Learning The Game"




"Mi Buddy Holly"


Los Insensibles (from Chile, singing in the Spanish language)


"Mirror Door" 


The Who




"More Than Peggy Sue"


The Renegades




"My Buddy Holly Days"


The Rubettes




"My Little Girl"


Willie Nile




"New Old Song"


Phil Everly




"Nine Plan Failed" 


Adam and the Ants 




"Now that you're gone" 


Donna Ludwig




"Oh Buddy Holly"



"Oh Buddy  ( The Music Will Never Die )"






"Oh Buddy, We Miss You So"


Davie Allen (Arrows Dynamics AC 002 2010, Track # 28)






Paul Simon



"Old Friend"


Waylon Jennings




"One For Buddy Holly"


French Letters




"On The Toss Of A Coin"


Dave Slater, 2008  










"Peggy Sue Ain't Got Nothing On You"


Morgan Kraft




"Peggy Sue Got A Divorce"


Charlie Burton




"Peggy Sue Got Buried"






"Peggy Sue Hat Geheiratet"


Gerhard Gundermann




"Peggy Sue Is Dead"


Trashcan Darlings




"Peggy Sue Nie Wyszla"


Maz Myslovitz (from Poland)




"Peggy Sue's Homecoming"


John Barry




"Peggy Sue's Skylight"


Eliane Elias




"Play A Buddy Holly Song"


Brett Lowden




"Play Good Old Rock & Roll"


Dave Clark Five




"Please Don't Get On The Plane"


Harvey Andrews




"Prince Of Rock'n'Roll"


Cardel James




"PS I love you"


Sonny Curtis




"Rave On Buddy"


Swinging Lobsters




"Rave On Forever"






"Reasons To Be Cheerful, pt. 3"


Ian Dury




"Recordamos A Ritchie Valens"


Reynie Medrano




"Redneck Rock & Rollers"


Big Wheelie and The Hubcaps




"Remember 59"


Joh Lang (from Holland)




"Remember Buddy Holly"


Henri Smeets (from Holland)




"Remember Me"


Narvel Felts




"Rockabilly Days"


Bobby Lewis


Chris Chandler




"Rock 'n' Roll Is Back"


Vanity Fare




"Rock 'n' Roll Revival"


The Five Discs




"Rock On"


Ar and The Rockin’ Ricochettes




"Rock & Roll Heaven"




Shane Cortese




"Roger Peterson's Blues"


Hard Feelings




"Roses Grow Beyond The Wall"


Frankie Avalon




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