Incl. songs about the crash, the 3 Stars


and songs mentioning the 3 Stars


 or dedicated to the 3 Stars. 




"A Country Boy (Who Rolled The Rock Away)"


David Allan Coe





"A Day In The Life"


Big Daddy, 1992





"Adieu a un ami" 


Les Wampas





"A letter to Donna" 


The Kittens





"Alive And Well"


John Hedda





"A long time ago"  


Waylon Jennings





"American Pie"


The Brady Kids


Catch 22


Don McLean  (Original) (United Artists 50856), 1971


Hank Marvin (Guitar Player - Bear Family CD 5370192), 2002


Hans Hass jr.


Pearl Jam


Weird Al Yankovic (parody)





"American Music"


Steve Alaimo


Allison Durbin


"And Buddy Played Peggy Sue"


Geoff Ashford (Warner Bros UK K 16495), 1974





"Any Buddy Holly Song"


Hatfields & McCoy (Hatfields & McCoy, Positively 19th Street 19011), 2006





"Ballad Of Buddy Holly"


Foxx ( CD Vinyl Countdown), 2005





"Ballad Of Donna & Peggy Sue"


Ray Campi (45 D 1047 Boot), 1959





"Big Bopper"


Northern Cree Singers (CD Canyon 6331 Second Song Dancer's Choice), 2000


Frankie Bones (7 CD's The Massive Electronica Collection - Warlock), 30-6-1990





"Big Bopper Anthems"


Maps & Atlases (CD 8216 Trees Swallow Houses), 2006




"Blood On The Cats"


Lou Cifer and The Hellions (57 Records)





"Bopper 486609"


Donna Dameron (45 Dart 113), 1959





"Buddy and Peggy Sue"


Elliott Murphy





"Buddy and Ritchie and The Big Bopper"


Jonathan Ross Levine (Singer and Composer)

A film by Viviane Vagh

Published on YouTube January 12, 2014




"Buddy, Big Bopper, And Ritchie"


Loretta Thompson



"Buddy Holly"



Andrew Bissell (instr.), February, 2011


Angry Samoans, November 5, 2002


Biffy Clyro, June 6, 2006


The Binghampton Crosbys


The Bostonians, February 2003


Bus Tribute, 2003


Dave Sheriff


fox capture plan (instr.), July 8, 2015


Gareth Pearson (instr.), 2010


The Holophonics, November 27, 2012


Little Pictures, January 2009


Mike West 


The Moog Cookbook (instr.), 1996


Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine, 2002


Secret Army, April 18, 2015


Straigt No Chaser, November 29, 2011


The Squares


Vitamin String Quartet (instr.), 2003


Victims Of Circumstance, December 18, 2012


Weezer (Original)





"Buddy Holly" (different to the Weezer version, lyrics and music), 1990


The Windingsheet





"Buddy Holly" ( sounds a lot like "I Feel Like Buddy Holly )







"Buddy Holly"  (Released 1st of May, 2012)


Dave Olson





"Buddy Holly" (Mix of tribute and medley)


The Flying Dogs of Jupiter, 2011





"Buddy Holly and the Crickets"


Larry Holley





"Buddy Holly and the Pharaohs of Rhythm"


Garrison Keillor





"Buddy Holly Blues"


Terry Penny





"Buddy Holly Convention"




"Buddy Holly Days" 


John Rogers & The Time Travlers





"Buddy Holly Girl"







"Buddy Holly Glasses"


99ers (from the album "Move it", April, 2012)





"Buddy Holly I Remember"


Peter Ciani





"Buddy Holly Never Wrote A Song Called We're Too Punk"


Lawnmower Deth





"Buddy Holly Not Fade Away"


The Picks 


"Buddy Holly, Rock N Roll Superman"


Jesus Oldman, 2018





"Buddy Holly Rocks"


Brian Wilson





"Buddy Holly's Bril"


De Omloop (from Belgium)





"Buddy Holly's Brille" 


Die Ärzte (from Germany)





"Buddy Holly's Ghost"


Colin Boyd





"Buddy Holly's Got The Hiccups"


Uncle Rock





"Buddy Holly's Gun"


Worm Moon Waning





"Buddy Holly's In Heaven"







"Buddy Holly Told Me"







"Buddy Holly Tribute"


Micky Dolenz





"Buddy Holly Tribute And Medley"


Phil Ochs





"Buddy Holly Was The First Ramone"


Ultimate Power Duo





"Buddy Holly Will Never Die"







"The Buddy I Knew"


Larry Holley





"Buddy Is Holly, I'm Going Insane"







"Buddy Is The King"  


Hep Stars (from Sweden) 

"Buddy My Friend"  (Dave Tobin song from 2007)


Brian Best And The Hollydaze Band




"Buddy, nimm lieber den Bus"   


Bernd Begemann (from Germany)




"Buddy played the Regal"


Bill Louis




"Buddy rocks"


The Peacemakers Band (Album: Hello Free World), 2009




"Buddy's Bop"


Paul Selier (from Holland), Instrumental




"Buddy's Last Song"


Marv Hamilton (Best Dog Records), 13-10-2006



"Buddy's Song"


Bobby Vee


David James


David Shook


Fleetwood Mac


Peter Green (DVA Silverline 288122 - Live at the BBC), 2002


Todd Mack (Dog Driver Records - Looking for Leon), 2004




"Buddy's Song"  (Music & Lyrics are different)  


Charlie Gracie                     


Dee Travers  aka  Dave Travis 

"Buddy's Songs"  


Jet Black




"Buddy's Waiting On The Flatland Road"


Terry Clarke




"Building Bridges"


Scott Baker 






Runaway Express




"C.B. Rock"


Cledus Maggard




"Chapel Up In Heaven"


Gloria Grey




"Come Back Buddy"


Alan Leatherwood




"The Crickets Chirp On"


Brian Dunn 

"Das erste Mal im Leben" (German version of: 'I feel like Buddy Holly')


Andreas Martin



"Die Legende Von Buddy Holly" (German version of 'Tribute To Buddy Holly')


Frank Rothe (from Germany)




"Do You Remember"



Long Tall Ernie and the Shakers




"Do you remember Buddy Holly" 


Alvis West




"Dying with Buddy Holly"



Damien Cox 

"Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly & Brassens"






"Elvis and Buddy"


Alan Leatherwood




"Everybody Wants To Be Buddy Holly"






"Everyday With Peggy Sue"


Bill Coleman




"Everyone Was There"


Bob Kayli




"Ex-Fan des Sixties"

Jane Birkin, 1978